Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spark Fun Changes Their Kits and Assembly Instructions and Wheel Encoders

This morning I had intended to have the assembly complete of the RedBot.  It's 1:30, I've been here over two hours, but I'm not making progress except in terms of understanding the changes to the RedBot kits and their Assembly Instructions online.  I think I know now why they didn't send me the paper instruction booklet.  It was for an earlier version that included the Sensor Wheel Encoder. That's the wheel encoder I have (purchased separately), but not the one that links with the kit that I have.  The one that links to my kit has something called the Dagu Wheel Encoder kit (purchased separately) which I don't have.  So I spent the morning determining this by composing an email complete with screen shots to the good people at SparkFun. In the course of composing it, I think I arrived at the truth of the matter.  I think I can carry on even without a reply from them.  I don't think I need to order any more parts before I can build.  I'm just going to go with what I believe is the truth at this point.

Here's the confusion screen shot:

But I think I'm okay for now.

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  1. Can you send me a cc of the email with the parts. I will be seeing Sparkfun at SxSw and can see if we can get the reply you need.