Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby, I've Started Coding My LilyPad!

Today, I sat down and started coding the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside," to get myself in the holiday spirit! I matched the notes on the sheet music with those on this frequency chart.  I struggled a bit with the length of the notes and rests, so I'd like to try to find a tool for that as well.

Ideally, I'd like to create a scarf that plays this song and flashes multicolored lights when the temperature dips.

I haven't yet figured out how to program lights to flash in sync with my music, but that is next on my list.  (It looks like Lucie has figured it out, though).

The video is less than thrilling, but you can hear how my song is progressing.

Building Off Each Others Learning

I think I have Jill to blame for this one. 
Jill added a site she discovered in our Diigo Group that showed a great Christmas Sweater that played music and had the lights blink to the music. 

Of course I needed this for my Chrismtas Hat.

I got the code running with a simple cut and past and modifying the pin assignments. 
But the Switch did not "switch songs"  and it only Played Deck the Halls.
So I started to study and research and experiment, and after 2 hours of not getting it to work, I decided to see if my SWITCH was broken on mhy LILYPAD.

That involved finding a very simple SWITCH and LED scheme and making sure the Switch worked.  It did.

So then I started to port over a little bit of code at a time and finally got it to play ONE SONG (my goal)  (got rid of the complexity of multiple songs.

But getting rid of the complexity helped me study the script enough so I'm getting a feel for MOST of it 

Got the music working on my Lilypad prototyping board.

Added the blinking LED's to the music.  YEAH. 

Now that I've played all day,  I need to take a break and go Grocery shopping.  

next step is to apply my learning onto my Christmas hats.
(and order some more seweable LED's;0) 

I'm thinking I want rando gentle Twinkle effect on the hat with a sensor that triggers the music and makes it start to blink to the music.

Thanks for the inspiration Jill.


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  • Jill Dawson
    Jill Dawson 30 Nov 14 02:27:46
    This project gets music and blinking lights to work together.  The code looks much more complex than anything that I've been able to do so far, but it may help us to figure some things out.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Journey Officially Begins

Leah and I are excited about the opportunity to be the first recipients of the Ignite a Maker grant! 

Today, we spent the afternoon at the Generator taking the Rapid Prototyping Certification course, learning some basics about the laser cutter, 3D printer, Vinyl cutter, and CNC router. 

As of today, we have both taken the Generator Membership Orientation and we are ready to get started with making!

Lucie's Christmas Hat Part 1

Tonight I finally settled on which hat I would use for my Christmas hat. I had purchased a few hats at an antique shop last month,  but decided to play around with my Santa hat instead.  Not only was it less expensive, but it would be fun to wear around the holidays.  I started by reviewing serial and parallel circuit and creating some documentation of both and show why I chose serial circuits for this project.  I played with conductive materials and settled on some jewelry wire for this part of my hat.
Came to a good stopping point and now have a 3 green LED's wired in parallel powered by a coin cell battery housed in a switched battery holder.   Can't wait to start Phase 2.

IGNITE a Maker Round 1 - Our new Emerging Maker and Maker Mentors

We have just selected Jill Dawson and  Leah Joly as Emerging Maker/Maker Mentor for our Round 1 of the IGNITE a MAKER mini grants.  Leah and Jill are looking forward to building their e-Textile skills during the next two months.  Can't wait to see this collaboration take off.  Craig and Lucie will be joining them in their goals to move from emerging maker to maker mentor in the field of eTextiles.

Getting warmed up for eTextiles

Craig and I have been shaking off the cobwebs of some old skills and combining them with new skills and we pull out the Ardiuno Uno  and Lilypad protoboard on a picnic table outside our bus in Cedar Key Florida.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Welcome to Ignite a Maker

As the Maker movement picks up STEAM, educators from various disciplines are discovering new ways to include creating, making, and doing as part of the learning process.  But as the maker community has discovered, the maker movement is less of a DIY (Do It Yourself) process than it is a DIT (Do IT Together) process.  In his book, ZERO TO MAKER,  David Lang documents the importance of community and collaboration in growing from “zero” experience with “making” to a place where maker vocabulary, maker skill, and maker passion fill you with a feeling of maker empowerment.   Our goal in the IGNITE a Maker project is to offer an opportunity to experience making and the maker community as powerful professional development that can move you from ZERO to MAKER.   

What are desired outcomes for IGNITE a MAKER?

      Mentoring for an educator who is getting started with ‘making in the classroom’
      Acknowledge the skills or experienced maker educators
      Advanced PD for experienced maker educators by providing increased access to larger maker community and schools 
      Possible model to replicate maker/mentor collaboration in other parts of the state
      Create increased capacity for maker-ed leaders within our organization
      Create an collection of projects/ resources/ materials for aspiring maker educators
      Promote diversity and equity in maker-ed

Benefits for Maker Mentor & Emerging Maker
o   2 month paid  studio at the maker space for working on projects, storing materials, showcasing projects, etc.
o   2 month paid monthly membership to the maker space during grant period, including access to tools*
o   connecting with the larger maker community found at maker spaces and maker events
o   ideas and inspiration from working in a maker space for a focused period of time
o   sharing skills with community of makers, students,  & educators
o   interdisciplinary collaboration
o   lending library of books and other resources (i.e. personal 3D printer, books, kits, etc)
o   access to field trip  to the maker space (in accordance with guidelines set by the maker space
o   using maker space membership and studio space to  work on their own personal or professional project during the two month period
o   making new contacts and connections by participating maker events (i.e. Third Thursday Social)

Expectations Maker Mentor & Emerging Maker
o   Complete the maker space orientation and safety training
o   Take inventory of resources available in the studio and keep track of any that are borrowed
o   Communicate at least once a week (virtually, email, phone, etc)  and once a month physically with  project partners (maker mentor, emerging mentor and/or coordinator to discuss progress of IGNITE a Maker Project.
o   Document project and connection to education practices
o   Complete shared reading (i.e. Zero to Maker)
o   Participate in online discussion and/or blogging
o   MAKE SOMETHING together during the 2 months.
o   Participate in a debriefing video conference
o   Keep an exhibit of the process in making in the studio 
(The making process does not have to be at the studio, but the studio should have a visual exhibit of the process of making they are going through (perhaps prototypes,  posters.)
o   Take inventory and pass on the ‘studio” to the next team.
o   Share experience at a Vita-Learn event (conference, video conference, regional meeting)