Saturday, December 13, 2014

LED Headband Project

Today, Leah, Audrey (my daughter), and I attended a fun workshop at the Generator, learning how to create a Rainbow LED Headband.

Although I did not have time to learn much about the actual code of this project (we uploaded John's program), I learned a little about the Arduino Nano, downloading and extracting files, and putting them into the correct libraries on my computer.  This might not sound like a big deal, but it was new to me, just as the soldering was for my daughter.

Another take away:  parts from China can occasionally be defective!

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  1. Nice to meet your daughter! I'm looking forward to learning which tips worked are important for the beginners mind in learning to code. I've decided to start a series of blog post that introduce coding through eTextile. I am trying to think of my own experience learning to code and what things tripped me up, discouraged me, or turned me off. I think eTextile can provide an avenue to learn to code. We'll see, but I'm sure our collective experience will all contribute to what might be a series on learning to code. I'll post it here and also on my Learning With Lucie blog.

    How many people were there?