Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I stumbled across this video this afternoon.  Although it is about creative writing, it is spot on with how I am feeling with my e-Textile projects at the moment.


  1. I love it! Somehow, this makes me feel much better... Thanks!

  2. GREAT find, Leah. I am reminded of my son when he didn't like to color because his coloring work didn't look as good as the stuff he saw out there. (He was a little tike, but he had good taste and knew what he wanted it to look like) and the time when my sons who are professional musicians now, wanted to quit piano lessons because they weren't as good as Mark (their piano teacher). I think Ira is right on here. It takes a lot of PRACTICE... we just got to make practice fun. So we can put in those 10,000 hours that people say you need to become an 'expert" .
    When I think how long it has taken me to really internalize 'circuits' , I'm almost embarassed, because after all, isn't this a 4th grade standard. This current project has got me to the point where I'm actually seeing problems BEFORE they happen.. so I'd say finally I think I got it. But it took me going past a simple project to a more complex project that challenged me to come up with some real creative ways of looking at the negative and positive traces. I almost changed my design to simplify it, but decided was motivated to stick to it because I wanted the lights to blink together in different parts of the hat (not clunked together) which made it an extra challenging wiring problem. LOVE LOVE this video.