Monday, December 28, 2015

Too Many Choices!

I have been testing the water and have decided that I just need to jump in with both feet.  I did the wood shop and rapid prototyping certifications so I could start making, and have managed to get mired in the swamp of possibilities!  This or that or maybe this other thing...  alas, I have little to show for my musings other than some sketches and a little bit of hope.

I did make some ornaments similar to my IaM fellow, Ellen, which was super fun!  I played around with different materials, using balsa wood, basswood, and acrylic.  I did learn that Lexan is not ok to laser.  It gives off toxic fumes.  The other thing to pay attention to is adhesives.  Anything with chlorine will give off toxic gas.

One of the things I am going to explore is the properties of different materials when cut and etched with different settings.  I have been talking with my forestry and building trades colleagues about the properties of different woods.  It is a fascinating science all on its own! They are going to keep slices from trees they cut down so I can etch them with a silhouette of that species and the name and maybe a leaf.  It could be a cool display.  

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