Monday, December 7, 2015

SLOW start

December is here and the clock is ticking! I am acutely aware how short 2 months are.

I went to a Generator orientation last week. Fortunately, I met with Caty, my fellow-Igniter, the day before, so I knew this orientation was NOT going to prepare me to use any equipment at Generator. I've been to the space and a few events there before, so I knew where everything was located. I think I could have given that tour.

I am signed up for the protoyping certification this week. Also, the laser cut lantern class I'd signed up for weeks ago that was postponed is going to happen this Sunday. My hope is, after this week, I will be able to use the laser cutter.

I wonder if, in the future, people with this wonderful opportunity could complete the orientation and any needed certifications  before the 2 months' membership started. That way, one would really have the full 2 months to make. 

Here's what I'm thinking about making:

  • laser cut ornaments
  • laser cut lamps and a re-do of a 3d printed light I made
  • laser cut altered books (tunnel books) and laser-cut altered books with light
Here's what I'm worrying about:
  • I won't be here over the Christmas break, so I lose all that nonschool time to make stuff
  • How long it will take me to be proficient enough in the software I'll need
  • When I will find time to be at Generator, given that I'm usually away on weekends
...essentially, all variations on the same theme: how to get 2 months' of making done with life, work, and the needed certifications and learning to even get started.

As a favorite principal of mine used to say, "Ready, fire, aim!"

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  1. Thanks for posting Ellen.
    Your thoughts are a perfect model of documenting and reflecting on learning.
    Everything you learned here is exactly what we are hoping educators will learn. As you are discovering, this is an inquiry for all of us who hope to better understand. What is a community maker space? How can we best connect as educators? I know two months is not a long time. This is meant to be a catalyst. It looks like you are discovering and asking questions. All good questions.