Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lucie's new black hat project

As we gear up for another IGNITE a Maker session,  I'm feeling inspired to make.

The other day my grandson, Simon, and I went shopping for hats.  He found the perfect hat for Simon  and I found the perfect hat for my next maker project.    

It started as a simple black felt hat.  I started to imagine all sorts of possibilities.  

I wanted it to take my learning to a new level. As several ideas swirled in my head,  I became more and more inspired to learn more about the Arduino Light Blue Bean.     

I played with the Bean and started to become more familiar with how it worked.   I really wanted to include it as part of my Make With Code session at VermontFest 2015 and what better way than to include it in my new black hat project.  Finally inspiration struck and I ran to my studio at the Generator to grab some white embroidery thread.   I have NOT embroidered before, so I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. 

And by the end of the evening,  I was quite proud of my design.  Snowflakes seemed like the perfect thing for our  upcoming edtech conference at the Killington Ski Resort ~ VermontFest 2015.

Stay tuned for the journey of the black hat! 

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