Saturday, May 23, 2015

This book has been one of my best friends of late, though I have not limited myself to etextiles.
Okay, the truth is that I have more projects started than a normal person would attempt.  If I know this, then why am I continuing to do it?

Because I am not a normal person!
Because I love what I'm doing!

My plate is full, and I'm glad of it.  Normally, at this point in the school year, during the winter, with all the grading to be done and the long list of deadlines at school, I start to experience a sense of burnout.  I never get burnout from my students or from my teaching.  The burnout comes from the administrative demands and the behind the scenes work that the school day does not allow time to complete.  So it takes over my home and my evenings and weekends.  Always.

Not this year!  Working half time has given me back my life.  I go to school four short days a week and still need to bring work home, but it's modest.  I can fill my home with projects and get involved in new learning as much as my heart desires.

Have you ever heard of Genius Hour?
I am no genius, anyone can tell you.
Genius Hour is a concept whereby you spend something like 20% of your time just doing whatever interests you.  Take it wherever it leads you.  Explore your world.  So I might be at 35%, close enough....

So I am learning Linus and Building a PiBot.  It is well known that I have a thing for robotics.
Robots are fun and kids love them.  I am a bit of a kid myself.  Mainly, I look for ways to hook my students.  Robots never fail.

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