Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello World

After some reading and Youtube videos, I was finally able to jump in and do some programming on the Arduino micro.  I have had fun experimenting with the different sketches.

One of the things that has stuck with me most is how passion can drive learning. See, as a science teacher, I already knew, or memorized Ohms's law. However, it was not until I started having to use resistors with the LED lights, that I truly began to understand Ohm's law. My first steps in my maker inquiry has confirmed what I have always thought. If learning is for an authentic purpose, it is much more meaningful.

After tinkering around with the micro, I made my way to the Generator to borrow the SparkFun Redboard. It was there I was able to meet with Cynthia and see the amazing work she is doing with Lilypad. We have already been able to connect and share resources via Twitter. Now that we have made a connection, I am looking forward to building further our connection.

I captured some of the fun I have had with my programming. Here is an example of my "Hello World"

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