Thursday, March 5, 2015

Turn Signal Jacket news

I connected the power supply and the LilyPad.  The resistance of the conductive stitching needs to be less than 10 ohms between the power supply and the Pad, I borrowed a multimeter from Generator and measured about 4.5 ohms, so all good.  I laid out the LED's, marked everything with chalk and sewed the positive terminals of the LED's to the Lilypad.  I ordered some stitching glue and puffy fabric paint (insulator).  Soon I will download a program to the Lilypad and see if the LED's actually blink like a turn signal.  If the do, I'll start gluing things down and insulating the stitches so they don't short.

Also, every time I come down here I run into someone who helps me advance the STEM Academy along.  It's nice to be in a place where people have interests similar to mine and are willing to help.

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  1. That is what is so great about the Generator.. is the relationships and connections you make. I'd love to hear more details about how this is working for you.