Sunday, November 30, 2014

Building Off Each Others Learning

I think I have Jill to blame for this one. 
Jill added a site she discovered in our Diigo Group that showed a great Christmas Sweater that played music and had the lights blink to the music. 

Of course I needed this for my Chrismtas Hat.

I got the code running with a simple cut and past and modifying the pin assignments. 
But the Switch did not "switch songs"  and it only Played Deck the Halls.
So I started to study and research and experiment, and after 2 hours of not getting it to work, I decided to see if my SWITCH was broken on mhy LILYPAD.

That involved finding a very simple SWITCH and LED scheme and making sure the Switch worked.  It did.

So then I started to port over a little bit of code at a time and finally got it to play ONE SONG (my goal)  (got rid of the complexity of multiple songs.

But getting rid of the complexity helped me study the script enough so I'm getting a feel for MOST of it 

Got the music working on my Lilypad prototyping board.

Added the blinking LED's to the music.  YEAH. 

Now that I've played all day,  I need to take a break and go Grocery shopping.  

next step is to apply my learning onto my Christmas hats.
(and order some more seweable LED's;0) 

I'm thinking I want rando gentle Twinkle effect on the hat with a sensor that triggers the music and makes it start to blink to the music.

Thanks for the inspiration Jill.


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Jill Dawson
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  • Jill Dawson
    Jill Dawson 30 Nov 14 02:27:46
    This project gets music and blinking lights to work together.  The code looks much more complex than anything that I've been able to do so far, but it may help us to figure some things out.

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  1. Hi Lucie,
    It was Leah that got me thinking about sweaters, but I will agree that there is something magical about this type of collaboration.