Saturday, December 2, 2017

Partnering with Generator

Fabulous news!  The Generator Educator in Residence program has adopted our  Fall 2017 IGNITE a MAKERS.  The support that Jenny and Carrie will receive from Generator as part of this partnership is going to help them develop and implement their goals of creating an interactive mural that can be used to display student work. 

Jenny, Carrie,  met with  Ignite a Mentor, Caty Wolfe and Generator director, Chris Thompson to set goals for the next few months. 

Both Carrie and Jen have completed the laser certification and are signed up for the CNC tools training in order to gain the skills and access needed to complete this project!

They have been experimenting with Lucie's  Silhouette Vinyl cutter  and have plans to use in some projects with their students inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama 

Here's a quick update from Carrie and Jen

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